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Impact of Terminal End-Group of Acceptor–Donor–Acceptor-type Small Molecules on Molecular Packing and Photovoltaic Properties

S. W. Kim, Y. J. Lee, Y. W. Lee, C. W. Koh, Y. Lee, M. J. Kim, K. Liao, J. H. Cho, B. J. Kim*, H, Y. Woo*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10(46), 39952-39961.

Polymer Semiconductors Incorporating Head-to-Head Linked 4-Alkoxy-5-(3-alkoxythiophen-2-yl)thiazole

X. Zhou, P. Chen, C. W. Koh, S. Chen, J. Yu, X. Zhang, Y. Tang, L. Bianchi, H. Guo,* H. Y. Woo,* X. Guo*

RSC Advances 2018, 8, 35724-35734.

Dicyanodistyrylbenzene-based copolymers for ambipolar organic field-effect transistors with well-balanced hole and electron mobilities

H. S. Ryu, M. J. Kim, M. S. Kang, J. H. Cho*, H. Y. Woo*

Macromolecules 2018, 51 (20), 8258-8267.


Efficient and Air-Stable Aqueous-Processed Organic Solar Cells and Transistors: Impact of Water Addition on Processability and Thin-Film Morphologies of Electroactive Materials

C. Lee, H. R. Lee, J. Choi, Y. Kim, T. L. Nguyen, W. Lee, B. Gautam, X. Liu, K. Zhang, F. Huang, J. H. Oh, H. Y. Woo*, B. J. Kim*

Adv. Energy. Mater. 2018, 1802674.

Extension of Indacenodithiophene Backbone Conjugation Enables Efficient Asymmetric A-D-A Type Non-Fullerene Acceptors

J. Song, C. Li, L. Ye, C. Koh, Y. Cai, D. Wei, H. Y. Woo, Y. Sun

J. Mater. Chem. A 2018, 6, 18847-18852.

Naphthobistriazole-Based Wide Bandgap Donor Polymers for Efficient Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cells: Significant Fine-Tuning Absorption and Energy Level by Backbone Fluorination

D. Tang, J. Wan, X. Xu, Y. W. Lee, H. Y. Woo*, K. Feng, Q. Peng*

Nano Energy, 2018, 53, 258-269.

Morphology Control Enables Efficient Ternary Organic Solar Cells

Y. Xie, F. Yang, Y. Li, M. A. Uddin, P. Bi, B. Fan, Y. Cai, X. Hao, H. Y. Woo, W. Li, F. Liu, Y. Sun

Adv. Mater. 2018, 30 (38), 1803045.

Hot slot die coating for additive-free fabrication of high performance roll-to-roll processed polymer solar cells

S. Song, K. T. Lee, C. W. Koh, H. Shin, M. Gao, H. Y. Woo*, D. Vak*, J. Y. Kim*

Energy Environ. Sci. 2018, 11, 3248-3255.


Ternary Organic Photovoltaics Prepared by Sequential Deposition of Single Donor and Binary Acceptors

Y. Cho, T. L. Nguyen, H. Oh, K. Y. Ryu, H. Y. Woo*, K. Kim*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10(33), 27757-27763.

Aqueous Soluble Fullerene Acceptors for Efficient Eco-Friendly Polymer Solar Cells Processed from Benign Ethanol/Water Mixtures

Y. Kim, J. Choi, C. Lee, Y. Kim, C. Kim, T. L. Nguyen, B. Gautam, K. Gundogdu, H. Y. Woo*, B. Kim*

Chem. Mater. 2018, 30 (16), 5663–5672.

Measuring the Competition between Bimolecular Charge Recombination and Charge Transport in Organic Solar Cells under Operating Conditions

M. C. Heiber, T. Okubo, S.-J. Ko, B. R. Luginbuhl, N. A. Ran, M. Wang, H. Wang, M. A. Uddin, H. Y. Woo, G. C. Bazan, and T.-Q. Nguyen

Energy Environ. Sci. 2018, 11, 3019-3032.

Non-Fullerene/Fullerene Acceptor Blend with Tunable Energy State for High-Performance Ternary Organic Solar Cells

M. Kim, J. Lee, D. H. Sin, H. Lee, H. Y. Woo, K. Cho

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10, 25570-25579.

1,4-Di(3-alkoxy-2-thienyl)-2,5-difluorophenylene: A Building Block Enabling High-Performance Polymer Semiconductors with Increased Open-Circuit Voltages

J. Chen, Z. Yan, L. Tang, M. A. Uddin, J. Yu, X. Zhou, K. Yang, Y. Tang, T. J. Shin, H. Y. Woo*, X. Guo*

Macromolecules 2018, 51 (14), 5352-5363.


Cyano-Substituted Benzochalcogenadiazole-Based Polymer Semiconductors for Balanced Ambipolar Organic Thin-Film Transistors

S. Shi, H. Wang, P. Chen, M. A. Uddin, Y. Wang, Y. Tang, H. Guo, X. Cheng, S. Zhang, H. Y. Woo,* X. Guo*

Poly. Chem. 2018, 9, 3873-3884.

Quinoxaline-Based Wide Band Gap Polymers for Efficient Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cells with Large Open-Circuit Voltages

J. Yang, M. A. Uddin, Y. Tang, Y. Wang, Y. Wang, H. Su, R. Gao, Z.-K. Chen, J. Dai, H. Y. Woo*, X. Guo*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10(27), 23235-23246.

Solvent-Vapor-Annealed A–D–A-Type Semicrystalline Conjugated Small Molecules for Flexible Ambipolar Field-Effect Transistors

M. J. Kim, Y. W. Lee, Y. Lee, H. Y. Woo*, J. H. Cho*

J. Mater. Chem. C 2018, 6, 5698-5706.

Engineering the Morphology via Processing Additives in Multiple All-Polymer Solar Cells for Improved Performance

J. Yuan, Y. Xu, G. Shi, X. Ling, L. Ying, F. Huang, T. H. Lee, H. Y. Woo, J. Y. Kim, Y. Cao, W. Ma

J. Mater. Chem. A 2018, 6, 10421-10432.

A planar cyclopentadithiophene-benzothiadiazole based copolymer with sp2 hybridized bis(alkylsulfanyl)methylene substituents for organic thermoelectric devices

J. Lee, J. Kim, T. L. Nguyen, M. Kim, J. Park, Y. Lee, S. Hwang, Y.-W. Kwon, J. Kwak*, H. Y. Woo*

Macromolecules 2018, 51, 3360-3368.


(Semi)ladder-Type Bithiophene Imide-Based All-Acceptor Semiconductors: Synthesis, Structure-Property Correlations, and Unipolar n-Type Transistor Performance

Y. Wang, H. Guo, A. Harbuzaru, M. A. Uddin, I. Arrechea-Marcos, S. Ling, J. Yu, Y. Tang, H. Sun, J. López Navarrete, R. Ortiz*, H. Y. Woo*, X. Guo*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140 (19), pp 6095–6108.

Drastic Effects of Fluorination on Backbone Conformation of Head-to-Head Bithiophene-Based Polymer Semiconductors

Q. Liao, Y. Wang, M. A. Uddin, J. Chen, H. Guo, S. Shi, Y. Wang, H. Y. Woo*, X. Guo*

ACS Macro Lett., 2018, 7(5), 519-524.

Ultrasensitive artificial synapse based on conjugated polyelectrolyte

W. Xu, T. L. Nguyen, Y.-T. Kim, C. Wolf, R. Pfattner, J. Lopez, B.-G. Chae, S.-I. Kim, M. Y. Lee, E.-Y. Shin, Y.-Y. Noh, J. H. Oh, H. Hwang, C.-G. Park, H. Y. Woo, and T.-W. Lee

Nano Energy 2018, 48, 575-581.  

Enhanced Electron Transfer Mediated by Conjugated Polyelectrolyte and Its Application to Washing-Free DNA Detection

S. Park, J.-E. Jeong, V. S. Le, J. Seo, B. Yu, D.-Y. Kim, S.-H. Kwon, S. Jon, H. Y. Woo*, H. Yang*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140 (7), pp 2409–2412.

Conjugated Polyelectrolytes Bearing Various Ion Densities: Spontaneous Dipole Generation, Poling-Induced Dipole Alignment, and Interfacial Energy Barrier Control for Optoelectronic Device Applications

S. Lee, T. L Nguyen, S. Y. Lee, C. H. Jang, B. R. Lee, E. D. Jung, S. Y. Park, Y. J. Yoon, J. Y. Kim, H. Y. Woo* and M. H. Song*

Adv. Mater. 2018, 30(14), 1706034.


The crucial role of intermolecular π-π interactions in A-D-A-type electron acceptors and their effective modulation

B. Gao, H. Yao, B. Jang, J. Zhu, R. Yu, Y. Cui, F. Wang, J. Hou, H. Y. Woo,* J. Hou*

J. Mater. Chem. A 2018, 6, 2664-2670.

Alkoxybenzothiadiazole-based Fullerene and Nonfullerene Polymer Solar Cells with High Shunt Resistance for Indoor Photovoltaic Applications

S. Y. Park, Y. Li, J. Kim, T. H. Lee, B. Walker, H. Y. Woo*, J. Y. Kim*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2018, 10 (4), pp 3885–3894.

Systematic Optical Design of Constituting Layers to Realize High-Performance Red-Selective Thin Film Organic Photodiodes

S. Yoon, C. W, Koh, H. Y. Woo*, D. S. Chung*

Adv. Opt. Mater. 2018, 6 (4), 1701085.

A High Dielectric N-type Small Molecular Acceptor Containing Oligoethyleneglycol Side-Chains for Organic Solar Cells

B. Jang, C. Lee, Y. W. Lee, D. Kim, M. A. Uddin, F. S. Kim, B. J. Kim,* H. Y. Woo*

Chin. J. Chem. 2018, 36, 199-205.


Fluorinated Head-to-Head Dialkoxybithiophene: A New Electron-Donating Building Block for High-Performance Polymer Semiconductors

J. Huang, H. Guo, M. A. Uddin, J. Yu, H. Y. Woo*, X. Guo*

Adv. Electron. Mater. 2018, 4(3), 1700519.

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